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Hotel Kremenec is situated in the High Tatras in the nice and calm environment of the biggest community of Tatry - Tatranská Lomnica. It is the ideal start point for living in the beautiful alpine surroundings of Tatry out of the shopping center. The leisure amenities is separate to two close-link parts - Hotel part and Small hotel part, which offer two-stars accommodation standard.

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Vysoké Tatry is the most beautiful slovak mountain where are wed the magnificent natural environment with the powerful ice valley which are surrounded with walls of sharp shields, mountain lakes and waterfalls.

Tatranská Lomnica (870 m n.m.) is the departure and the final gate of Tatranská elektrická železnica (electric train) with straight conect to personal railway which drive through Veľká Lomnica to Popradu. In the center of Tatranská Lomnica you can find different sports facility, sky centers, bobsleigh's road, ice stadium, covered swimming pools, tennis-courts, golf-courses, race-course and course of show jumping. For rest activities and culture acivities you can use overhead to Skalnaté Pleso and next to Lomnický štít, museum TANAP, cinema, the exposition of the nature of Tatry and the galery of J. Tomka.

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We offer 2 sort of boarding - full board or half board, own sports facility with tennis court, volleyball court, sauna and reinforcement room. In the park are situated childs swings and natural fire-place for everyone who wants own party. Saloons are equipped with audiovisual equipments, satellite TV, with the possibility of various action conferences and trainings. Also are available cocktail lounge, billiards, stolný tenis, table tennis, library, party games. Furthermore you can borrow sleigh, child bobsleigh, skibobs and all equipment for track skiing. We provide our own free parking!

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Short distance away are situated sports facilities which present ideal conditions for sporting, mountain surroundings for holiday and alpine tourism in summer and also in winter. Therefore this institution is specially proper place for families with children, pensioner's visits, but also for school in the nature, sky tours for holiday and profesional sports. Alpine weather is conducive to all system regeneration, applicable for treated visit and relaxation.

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